According to legend, king Sisyphus gained infamy for his trickery and wicked intelligence, and his greatest feat was to cheat death. After the October 17th revolution the leadership of Lebanon is Sisyphus. They are in a permanent mode of attempting to cheat death by ‘great trickery’.

They too use their ‘wicked intelligence’ to find ways to pretend to cooperate and conform to the demands set forth by the people and the international community which are to bring about change and reforms through a supposedly independent government. In the meantime, this notion of an independent government has become like the immense boulder that Sisyphus rolls up the hill only for it to roll down every time it nears the top because the truth is that the present rulers will do anything to avoid having a government of really independent ministers.

For those of us who have an optimistic outlook, there are unfortunately lessons here that are going unlearned, namely that:

  1. The nomination of the latest Prime Minister Designate changes nothing no matter his stated good intentions.
  2. His selection is just a way for the ruling class to close ranks, protect themselves and ensure both their temporary and long term survival.
  3. Their baseline trickery is still at work because any Government they will agree to form will be constituted by the same people who are being called upon to be replaced.

A good government, on the other hand, would require that the country enter into negotiations with the IMF and conform with their strict standards of auditing, accountability and transparency which would expose all the diverted state funds over decades and would lead to the incrimination of many of these individuals.

It would also require that high ranking government officials be convicted of criminal negligence in the Port explosion investigation and be sent to jail for killing 200 people, and in the matter of the restructuring of the state, that the massive partisan network of unproductive workers in the public sector be dismantled which would cost the political parties and their leaders the source of their stronghold and popularity.

I am often asked what can we do? I think the first step is to stop fooling ourselves that this band of rulers will birth anything productive for this country whether for reasons of petty personal ambition or for all the reasons stated above, and the second step is to say to any country which supports this charade that they are betraying the Lebanese people and prolonging their miserable existences under the yoke of these tyrants.

For as long as they are in power, we can only continue to fight for Lebanon, to endure, to survive and be ready when the change comes because one day it will!

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