Troubled Politicians Block Government Formation in Lebanon Again!


Aside from the fake constitutional horse trading going on, why is there such a huge fight over the Ministry of Finance?

This recent debacle which sabotaged the attempt to put the country on the right track after the terrible explosion that devastated the nation, just confirms the citizen’s worse fears about the self-serving motives of all the corrupt politicians!

One has to ask though, what is The Speaker Nabih Berri’s adamance about controlling the Ministry of Finance? What does he have to hide and protect?

Does this includes protecting the 30,000 fake employment jobs in the government that he institutionalized? As well as, the more than 5000 fictional positions he created? What about all the illegal daily employees that he also hired in the public sector?

Just as seriously, how can the same people responsible for years of corruption oversee the forensic audit that is supposed to expose the truth behind the national fraud that has cost every lebanese their financial security? and not be accused of intervening to hide facts from the public?

Note: Nabih Berri’s finance minister Ghazi Wazni has already tainted the process by signing an amended contract without prior consultation, to limit the scope of the forensic audit. He excluding the participation of an international organization that facilitates the investigation and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing!

It defies all logic and the national interest of the nation that the political group refered to as the “Shiite Duo” is adamant about retaining The Finance Ministry”, the most important ministry in the next phase of Lebanon’s economic and financial rescue, when they are undoubtedly responsible for the sanctions and the economic embargo on Lebanon as a result of their classification as a world terrorist organization! How could they hope to secure the international aid that Lebanon needs to survive?

It is just ridiculous! Or maybe that is the point? To block the role of the IMF in Lebanon and keep the country squarely lodged in another axis!

It is analogous to putting a person with a contagious disease in charge of cooking the food for everyone in the home!

If they cared for their family members (Lebanon) they would understand that they need to step aside from that particular ministry at this delicate time, until a broader solution is found!

In addition, it is astounding that this “Duo” also demanded conditionally to have the one third “blocking” votes in the new government! How can anyone today, under the present dire circumstances, even talk about “blocking measures” and use this argument to prevent the formation of a government that is the lifeline of a dying country? A country that needs more than ever to implement positive solutions!

It just shows that they are only thinking protecting their narrow interests!

Finally, The Ministry of Finance is not a religious bargaining chip! The argument by all the politicians of the “confessional ownership” of a ministerial portfolio is pure fiction!

It is completely misplaced! After Taif, confessional repartition was only only attributed to the three «presidencies» and not the cabinet!

The French initiative called for the exclusion of all religious and partisan considerations from the formation of the cabinet. Everyone said “Yes Sir” to President Macron’s face and did the complete opposite! They blatantly lied!

In the space of 15 days the political leaders sabotaged the initiative for their own gain again!

Shameful! They cannot be trusted! Ever!

For a just, fair and effective cabinet to be formed the process should be free of confessional identities and partisan affiliation. The cabinet should be selected purely based on the professional résumés that are submitted!

They must all go! كلن يعني كلن

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